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How to Euthanize Fish: The Most Humane Ways of Putting a Fish to Sleep

As a pet owner, I know that it is hard enough knowing and dealing with a sick pet especially if you are caring for fishes. However, knowing when to make a decision to end your pet?s suffering is harder and will often make you think on how to euthanize fish in the most humane way […]

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How to Catch Hogfish: Learning Different Methods and Techniques

The hogfish is known as a prized fish among fishermen and anglers because of its elusiveness. With that said, the first question you might have thought of is how to catch hogfish? Known for its hog-like snout, hogfishes are typically found in the Atlantic and Gulf waters.  If luck permits, you can catch a great […]

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How to Catch a Croaker: Learning the Simple Steps to Catch This Fish

Another prized fish that usually lingers around the Atlantic waters is the croaker. Questions like why is it referred to as a prized fish and how to catch a croaker may have just popped into your mind.  The croaker is said to be the saltwater fish equivalent of a smallmouth bass. Aside from its succulent […]

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Best Fly Line for Trout: Know What are the Prime Picks in 2018

If you want to have a successful trout fishing trip, this definitely requires the right gear. With that said, the question of what is the best fly line for trout immediately comes to mind. There are different types of fly line, each of which have distinctive characteristics. Knowing the ideal type of fly line with the […]

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Bluegill vs Sunfish: Comparison to Two of Interchanged Fish Terms

Fishes come in multiple types, whether it?s a freshwater fish or a saltwater one. Some of them vary in color, size, weight, and shape creating a unique individuality and identification of each species. But some fish species are very similar that most of us won?t even notice the slightest difference between them. Such examples of fish […]

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Best Kayak Fish Finders for a Better Fishing Experience

Using the best kayak fish finders greatly helped in making my fishing experience much better and more efficient. As an avid and dedicated angler, I make it a point to constantly improve on improving my skills in fishing and there are so many things that old-fashioned fishing hindered me from doing.  I would sometimes go out […]

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How to Rig a Slip Bobber: Learn the Effective Way to Use a Slip Bobber

When it comes to fishing having the skills are significantly an advantage, but so it knowing the proper tools and using them for your benefit. To a beginner, how to rig a slip bobber can be a puzzling process. Be that as it may, the steps in doing so is simple and easy to follow. Plus, […]

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