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How to Hook a Minnow: 5 ways for Maximum Action

Ever since anglers start baiting hooks, live minnows have played a primary role in catching fish. Used in live-bait rigging, float fishing, spinner fishing, jigging, and ice-fishing, minnows are as good as baits get. They come in many species and sizes and available all year long, regardless of season. A handful of species account for […]

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Fishing in the Rain: 7 Things to Know to Get Started

Fishing in the Rain Introduction7 Things to Know to Get Started 1. Be Aware of Fishing Regulations2. Wear Proper Attire3. Choose Right Fishing Equipment4. The Effect of Rain5. Find the Sweet Spot6. Know the Weather7. Have Fun!In conclusion IntroductionEver heard of interesting stories of big fishes being caught during a downpour of rain? Wanted to know […]

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