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Why Do Fish Jump? It’s time to answer this old-aged question

Introduction“Why Do Fish Jump?” – an old-aged question that many anglers wonder about. Have you ever thought of this question when you were having a hard time catching something or when you were watching the fish joyfully jumping out of the water?Isn’t it fascinating to see fish hopping in and out of the water? It […]

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When Do Bluegill Spawn? Bluegill Spawning Season and How to Catch Them

IntroductionThe bluegill fish is a member of the sunfish family. They are referred to as bream, brim, or copper nose. They are indigenous in the waters of North America. They live in rivers, ponds, lakes, and streams.Most anglers know that starting to fish bluegills is an entry point to a better angling career. For instance, […]

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Why Use The Best Crappie Lures? Because Finding Crappies is Challenging!

Crappies are native to North America. They’re abundant in freshwater and regarded as one of the most popular game fish among anglers. You can find them in murky acidic waters rich in vegetation. Since they usually inhabit unclear waters, they’re a little hard to look, presenting a challenge when catching them. That’s why you should […]

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What Do Catfish Eat? Five Amazing Facts To Know

Catfish are interesting-looking creatures. As I’m sure you know by now, these bottom-dwelling fish is known for its appendages that look like cats’ whiskers. However, for fishing enthusiasts, this fish can be an awesome catch with its weight that can go up to over 100 pounds! With that said, you must be wondering what do […]

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