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How to Spool a Baitcaster Professionally – Keep on Practicing

Many anglers that until now doesn’t have the idea on how to spool a baitcaster? They just fish and spool the way they know, but failed to catch bigger or numbers of basses. Just like me when I was a child, many times I failed because of some reasons, my line twisted and sometimes when […]

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How to Choose Fishing Boots for Cold Weather? A Must to Keep You Safe

Are you into fishing? Or are you someone who just wants to learn a thing or two about fishing?Regardless if you are still a beginner or an expert in the field of fishing, you have to know that wearing proper clothing and shoes is a must to keep you safe while also ensuring that you […]

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How to Fish a Whopper Plopper to Catch Plenty of Big Bass

A lot of anglers today are using whooper plopper as bait for bass. Despite its popularity, no one can fully explain how it can catch bass except that it’s successful in doing so. The whooper plopper is a unique lure that can take getting used to.In case you are not aware, this lure does not […]

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Fly Fishing for Bass – Ways to Double Your Success Rate

Many anglers believe that you need special gears for fly fishing for bass. Well, that is true. I use several fly rods and lures for both smallmouth and largemouth bass fishing. But the good news is they are not necessarily expensive. Nonetheless, gears are not enough. I also need to learn certain techniques to increase my […]

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How to Fish a Crankbait – Useful Tips for All Seasons

Crankbaits have a reputation of catching all kinds of fishes in any season. Whether in summer or winter, these particular lures will have no problem catching a fish or two. Crankbaits work best in catching predatory fishes, the kind that preys on other smaller fish. You could tell the lure is a crankbait based on its […]

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How to Fish a Jerkbait – The Basics of Jerkbait Fishing

Nothing would be more pleasing to a predatory fish than an injured or struggling prey that is vulnerable and easy to chaste. This is what Jerkbaits do, they portray or imitate fish to look like they are unable to swim properly, incapacitated or something like that. With this kind of visual presentation of bait underwater, […]

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