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How to Euthanize Fish: The Most Humane Ways of Putting a Fish to Sleep

As a pet owner, I know that it is hard enough knowing and dealing with a sick pet especially if you are caring for fishes. However, knowing when to make a decision to end your pet?s suffering is harder and will often make you think on how to euthanize fish in the most humane way […]

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How to Catch Hogfish: Learning Different Methods and Techniques

The hogfish is known as a prized fish among fishermen and anglers because of its elusiveness. With that said, the first question you might have thought of is how to catch hogfish? Known for its hog-like snout, hogfishes are typically found in the Atlantic and Gulf waters.  If luck permits, you can catch a great […]

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How to Catch a Croaker: Learning the Simple Steps to Catch This Fish

Another prized fish that usually lingers around the Atlantic waters is the croaker. Questions like why is it referred to as a prized fish and how to catch a croaker may have just popped into your mind.  The croaker is said to be the saltwater fish equivalent of a smallmouth bass. Aside from its succulent […]

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Bluegill vs Sunfish: Comparison to Two of Interchanged Fish Terms

Fishes come in multiple types, whether it?s a freshwater fish or a saltwater one. Some of them vary in color, size, weight, and shape creating a unique individuality and identification of each species. But some fish species are very similar that most of us won?t even notice the slightest difference between them. Such examples of fish […]

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How to Rig a Slip Bobber: Learn the Effective Way to Use a Slip Bobber

When it comes to fishing having the skills are significantly an advantage, but so it knowing the proper tools and using them for your benefit. To a beginner, how to rig a slip bobber can be a puzzling process. Be that as it may, the steps in doing so is simple and easy to follow. Plus, […]

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