Best Swimbait Rod for Beginners and Seasoned Anglers ? Review 2018

There may be no existing perfect rods for every bait out there but there can be the right one that can truly help you in each type of bait that you take. This is very evident when you factor in swimbaits in the equation: one has to know just about the best swimbait rod for that bait to be successful.

And as swimbaits and rods are both considerably pricey, I think it’s just normal that you consider pondering first before making your purchase. In today’s post, I’ll be helping you in not only narrowing down your selection. Ultimately, I’ll also unveil some of the most and only things that you should consider when choosing your swimbait rod. So, just how does one know when one is holding the best swimbait rod? Before we look into those crucial factors, let’s find out first which products have ended up in our coveted list.

Product Name Length Action Rating Reviews
?Ardent Denny Brauer Swimbait Fishing Rod



96/100 View Reviews
?G. Loomis Fiber-Blend Swimbait Rod


Moderate Fast

97/100 View Reviews
Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 795SB



98/100 View Reviews

Okuma Guide Select Swimbait


Moderate Fast

98/100 View Reviews
Dobyns Rods 806HSB-LH Champion Series



99/100 View Reviews



Best Swimbait Rod in 2017


#1 – Ardent Denny Brauer Swimbait Fishing Rod

One of the preferred swimbait rods among the beginners is the Ardent Denny Brauer Swimbait Fishing Rod. The robust rod is equipped with a fast taper and a long handle which should allow you to cast the rod using both of your hands.

It currently has a reliable length of seven feet and six inches. This rod is especially ideal for those who are still on the fence whether or not they?d be fishing with swimbaits. As part of the Denny Brauer Pro Series line of rods, this rod is designed from the ground up. It is developed with specific actions that cater to any angler’s strength and skill. As it goes for this series, this one is also field-tested and used right on the BASS Elite Series.

Among its features include the high-performing cork slit grips, the IM8 graphite construction and the Pac Bay reel seat; add-ons comprise of the Fuji Aluminum Oxide Line Guides.

  • check-circlePower: Heavy
  • check-circleAction: Fast
  • check-circleLength: 7?6?


  • thumbs-o-upIdeal for beginners
  • thumbs-o-upIM8 graphite construction
  • thumbs-o-upGreat sensitivity
  • thumbs-o-upCan be tried with frogs in thick cover
  • thumbs-o-upAffordable price


  • thumbs-o-downHeavy


#2 – G. Loomis Fiber-Blend Swimbait Rod

This list couldn?t be complete without mentioning a rod from the famed G. Loomis. The model SWBR955 in particular, G. Loomis is defiantly, without a doubt, still a massive force when it comes to providing rods for fishing with swimbaits.

This medium-heavy fishing pole has a moderate fast action taper that is designed to accommodate both medium-sized to larger and hard swimbaits.Don?t be fooled by this entry?s lightweight appearance. The powerful pole is packed with a robust offering right in its butt section that is adorned with a medium stiff tip to help you launch the larger soft baits and small to medium-sized baits.

It also efficient when it comes to covering a large amount of water; a sufficient amount of power can also cater to setting the hook once the bass hits at the end of a long cast.

Specs (Model SWBR 904):
  • check-circleAction: Moderate Fast
  • check-circlePower: Medium
  • check-circleLure Weight: ? – 3
  • check-circleLine Weight: 12 – 25
  • check-circleLength: 7?6?


  • thumbs-o-upIdeal for mid to larger-sized swimbaits
  • thumbs-o-upRod?s butt section boasts of power
  • thumbs-o-upEfficient in covering huge amount of water
  • thumbs-o-upComes with extra length that provides leverage to improve casting distance and control
  • thumbs-o-upCan throw heavy swimbaits with ease


  • thumbs-o-downNone


#3 – Dobyns Rods Fury Series FR 795SB

If you’re not specially equipped with a massive set of swimbaits and that you enjoy fishing with this type of baits, the Dobyns Rods FR 795SB should be at the top of your list.

This Herculean rod is specifically developed for smaller swimbaits; it?s currently categorized as a medium-heavy rod and comes with a slightly slower action.

Tagged with an exceptional value, the entry from Dobyns is known for its reliable sensitivity, lightweight appearance, and its strong and balanced offering.Hailing from the new fury series, this rod features crucial features which most anglers require. These include the high modulus graphite blank, the Fuji reel seat, the Kevlar wrapping, and the AA-grade cork crip that boasts of a high-density Hypalon butt.

  • check-circlePower: Medium Heavy
  • check-circleAction: Fast
  • check-circleLure Size: 1-5 oz
  • check-circleLine: 15-30 lb test
  • check-circleLength: 7?9?


  • thumbs-o-upIdeal for anglers who carry heavier baits
  • thumbs-o-upLightweight and well-balanced rod
  • thumbs-o-upConstructed with high modulus graphite blank
  • thumbs-o-upKevlar wrapping
  • thumbs-o-upAffordable value
  • thumbs-o-upWorks well for 2-4 oz swimbaits


  • thumbs-o-downCork?s missing on handle


#4 – Okuma Guide Select Swimbait

If you?re in the middle of the game relative to the size of your swimbaits and would just like to enjoy angling overall, the Okuma Guide Select Swimbait Rod is looming high in this segment.

The rod is specially designed to cater fishing that uses medium-sized swimbaits; it features a massive power rating along with a moderate fast action. So if you?re gunning for fishing with treble hooks, this one is for you.

Meanwhile, your swimbait is guaranteed to be launched at great length right across the lake with this rod. One of its hallmark features is the inclusion of UFR or Unidirectional Fiber Reinforcement that right in the tip of the rod. This feature allows the weight to be distributed evenly throughout the blank.In addition, UFR provides more power in this section and should prevent potential breakage. If you don?t like seeing your rod crumbling into pieces, then this one could come in very handy.

  • check-circlePower: Heavy
  • check-circleLure size: 1-6 oz
  • check-circleLine: 15-30 lb test
  • check-circleLength: 7?11?


  • thumbs-o-upIdeal for medium-sized swimbaits
  • thumbs-o-upFeatures Unidirectional Fiber Reinforcement for weight distribution, breakage prevention
  • thumbs-o-upAffordable price
  • thumbs-o-upWell-built
  • thumbs-o-upComes with Fuji DPS reel seat for weight reduction


  • thumbs-o-downNone


#5 – Dobyns Rods 806HSB-LH Champion Series

If you?re specifically leaning towards catching some of the biggest fishes in your locale without having to worry whether or not your rod can accommodate it, the Dobyns Rods 806HSB-LH wouldn?t disappoint you.

This is a robust rod that is specifically developed to cater those who fish with swimbaits, period. It can allow you to set your prized 8-inch swimbait with ease and confidence while its rod?s size should aid you in loading up on the fish which ultimately gives you control.Dobyns? second entry is also famed for its flex. The entirety of the rod is able to flex, making it suitable for those with treble hooks. As such, the fish will have a hard time throwing the lure right when you set the hook! Losing fish isn?t in Dobyns? vocabulary, especially with the 806HSB-LH.

  • check-circlePower: Heavy
  • check-circleAction: Fast
  • check-circleLure Size: 2-8 oz
  • check-circleLine: 20-40lb test
  • check-circleLength: 8?


  • thumbs-o-upHighly recommended for swimbaits
  • thumbs-o-upIdeal for casting large swimbaits
  • thumbs-o-upComes with extra-long handle for leverage
  • thumbs-o-upWorks great with treble hooks
  • thumbs-o-upIdeal for catching big fish


  • thumbs-o-downNone

What Makes Your Swimbait Rod the Best of the Bunch?

Your swimbait rod has to depend on varying considerations first before you can determine whether or not that rod is the one for you. In a nutshell, here are some things that you may want to address prior to buying the rod.

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  • What type of reel will you be using?
  • What is the size of the line?
  • How far do you usually throw the bait?
  • Will the rod be dedicated to how many baits? (Is it one or two?)
  • How are you planning to work the bait?
  • giftDo your swimbaits feature trebles? Or big jig-styled hooks?
  • giftAre your swimbaits billed or lipless? If so, will the rod be needing to absorb vibration from the bait?
  • giftRelative to size, weight, and action: which bait do you plan on throwing?

Now that you have a significant idea as to which swimbait rod you?d be using based on the questions above, it?s time to narrow down the specs you need to be looking for when selecting one in the market.

Things to Consider When Choosing the Best Swimbait Rod

1. Power Rating

It is important to note of the lure capacity when choosing your swimbait rod?s power rating. As you are bound to fish with larger-than-usual lures, this spec shouldn?t be disregarded.?

If this is not taken into consideration, your fishing pole might get broken. As a general rule in fishing with larger lures, one must have a power rating of medium-heavy to heavy.

2. Action

As there are numerous swimbaits in the market now, the action of your rod has to be taken into account as well. The rod?s action acts as a determinant at what point does the rod begin to flex and stop.

To cite an example, your system when you?re fishing along with a single hook or a soft swimbait is not synonymous to when you?re fishing using a treble hook or a hard swimbait. If you?re able to master the rod?s action, then it is likely that you?re going to land more fish in your boat!

Meanwhile, an extra fast to fast action is recommended when you?re fishing with small, medium-sized, and single-hooked swimbaits. This fast action enables you to load up right on your hook and truly set it in their mouth. Now, if you opt to fish with larger swimbaits or baits with treble hooks, a moderate fast action is highly suggested.On the other hand, the risk of you pulling the lure out of their mouth is lowered when you choose to have a slower action. This is very much akin to having a crankbait rod.

3. Length

Essentially, the length of your rod isn?t exactly a make-or-break consideration unlike our first two. But if you?d like to throw longer casts, longer rods are very much preferred here. Also, longer rods will let you put a lot of pressure on your fish.

4. The Length of the Handle

As you sure would be casting some of the heaviest lures out there, a short handle can be particularly tricky, if one must ask. In this regard, you must consider the length of the rod?s handle right before you make that purchase.

Longer handle also entails that you?ll have more leverage and that this will allow you to utilize both of your hands when casting, which should ultimately result to longer casting as well.

More Winning Tips for Beginners

  • check-circleIf you?ve just begun fishing with a swimbait rod, it is suggested that you use a small swimbait first. Meanwhile, you can bump up the size and weight of the swimbait once you?re proficient enough to get on the next phase.
  • check-circleSwimbait rods come in varying weight ranges. They range from one to five ounces as well as those with one to three ounces. If you want more additional features in them, ensure that you choose the ones that are within the higher range. This range is also much easier to use.
  • check-circleOne of the more preferred rods for rookies at the moment is the Dobyns Rods FR 795SB. It features just about the right backbone that can accommodate your large swimbaits while still operating with a reliable flex. Coming with an inexpensive price tag, this rod is also known for its ability to throw an efficient range of baits due to its one to six ounces offering.

The Verdict

We are all going to want to catch some big fish at some point. And whether it?s for bragging rights or you just want to have a sumptuous fish on your dining table, the fact remains that for us to catch a massive fish, a powerful rod is required.

The Dobyns Rods 806HSB-LH is a multiple threat to almost all its rivals: its intrepid rod alone, this one takes the cake by a wide margin. Its flexible rod is also ideal for those who work with treble hooks!

?There you have it: our five best swimbait rods in the business now! If you happen to have something to add, ask, or share with us, please feel free to sound them off in the comment section below. For now, enjoy flexing those able rods and be safe!

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